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    a) Tentative Bookings: Due to demand, tentative bookings can only be held for up to 3 days. To secure the desired date, the client must make a deposit within 48 hours of expressing interest. The deposit can be made using a major credit card, EFTPOS, direct deposit, Linky [by iPayPro], or cash. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and its amount will depend on the nature of the event, ranging between $200 and $1,000
    b) Release of Tentative Reservation: If the deposit is not received within the specified period, the venue reserves the right to release the tentative reservation.
    c) Booking Confirmation: To confirm a booking, the client must make a full payment of either a minimum spend or room hire, as specified. Additionally, a compulsory credit card authority is required for the booking to be confirmed.
    d) Binding Contract: Once any payment is made, a binding contract is formed between the venue and the client, in accordance with the terms of use available on the venue's website at https://twohandsbar.com.au. It is important to note that signing the Booking Contract will supersede any terms and conditions stated elsewhere on the venue's website.


    a) Pricing and GST: All prices quoted include GST. Please note that while we strive to maintain prices, they are subject to change.
    b) Minimum Spending Requirement: Minimum spending requirements apply to all function spaces. The specific minimum spend amount will be advised by the venue or booking agent upon enquiry. This amount will be based on the estimated minimum spending and will cover food and beverage expenses only. Any additional charges not meeting the minimum spend will be considered a room hire fee and will be payable by the client upon completion. Other expenses such as security, entertainment, karaoke, bank fees, and online fees are not included in the final calculation and will be the responsibility of the client.
    c) Refundable Deposit Option: If the client wishes to have the minimum spend taken as a refundable deposit and the client's guests pay for themselves, the venue will deduct 2.9% of the total fees as administration charges. The remaining amount will be refunded to the client's nominated bank or credit card within 24-48 hours (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).
    d) Finalization of Food and Drinks Menu: The food and drinks menu must be finalized one week before the event. Failure to do so will give the venue or the manager in charge the right to decide the food and drinks menu to be served on the night, based on a wide variety of options available during the function. Please note that events held on public holidays will incur a 15% surcharge on all food and beverage items.
    e) Time Limit for Food Service: Starting from the time our staff serves the first course (usually after 60 minutes), guests will have 90 minutes to finish their food. This time limit is in place for hygiene reasons and Occupational Health and Safety requirements. All dishes will be cleaned up and discarded by the deadline.


    a) Tab Activation, Client Responsibility, and Wristband Distribution: The client must be present at the start of the event to receive wristbands for guests and activate the bar tab, unless previously arranged with the booking agent. It is the organiser's responsibility to distribute the wristbands upon guest arrival. Only the organiser can activate the bar tab. Client should inform their guests about these conditions to avoid confusion regarding charging drinks to the tab before their official attendance. Guests without a wristband will not be able to charge anything to the tab. A $50/hr surcharge will apply if the venue assists with the wristband distribution.
    b) Minimum Spend and Organiser's Presence: The client must remain present for the entire proposed function booking and until the minimum spend requirements have been reached. Alternatively, the organiser can choose to cover the remaining minimum spend amount and provide an additional security deposit, which will be refunded upon completion of the function if no additional fees are incurred, such as damages, cleaning fees, security, etc.
    c) Tab Balance and Top-Up Options: The venue will inform the client of the remaining balance on their tab for every $500 spent or any other agreed amount specified by the client. The client will have the option to top up the credit on the night using cash, any valid credit card, or via iPayPro
    d) Receipts and Confirmation: An itemised receipt for the transactions and the remaining credit balance will always be available for inspection at the venue’s counter only during the scheduled function time. When the tab is closed, the venue will request a signature from the client to confirm the charges. A copy of the itemised transaction can be provided to the client on the night upon request. Tax invoices for the total amount of spending can be provided to the client by the booking agent upon request


    a) Finalisation Requirements: All catering, beverage, and room set-up requirements, as well as the final attendance number and a signed contract, must be completed and confirmed 14 days before the client's function date.
    b) Basis for Final Payment: The final payment will be based on the confirmed attendance number. The client is required to pay for all catering and costs upon confirmation of the final numbers. Standard food prices during functions are set at a minimum of $15.90 per dish and $12.50 per standard drink. A 15% surcharge on food will be applied for weekends and public holidays to cover the cost of preparation and staffing during peak hours. 
    c) Refunds and Non-payment: Refunds will not be offered if the client's numbers decrease or if there are no-shows during the event. Full payment must be received on time, and the contract must be signed to proceed with the function. Failure to comply may result in the venue's right to cancel the function and seek penalties as per the terms of use available on our website, twohandsbar.com.au.
    d) Additional Charges and Costs: The venue makes special arrangements for the client's function, including hiring extra staff, security (if required), stocking the bar, and reserving the allocated space exclusively for the event. If the event does not start at the scheduled time or if the number of attendees is lower than stated in the contract, an additional charge of $200 per hour will be added to the bar tab to cover administrative fees.
    e) Free Room Hire Conditions: In promotional pricing where free room hire is offered based on a specific number of guests, a headcount will be conducted within the first 30 minutes of the event's start time. If the number of attendees is less than the required amount to cover the room hire, an additional fee of $25 per person will be charged, either deducted from the bar tab credit or paid separately. An average spending of $129 per head is expected in return for the free room hire, and the fee may be waived if the average spending is met. 
    f) Third-Party Fees and Commissions: Any third-party fees and commissions ranging between 10% and 15% will be charged to the client. These fees can be included in the minimum spend or billed separately upon request. If the minimum spend is fully utilized or if all the client's guests pay for their own food and drinks, the venue reserves the right to deduct the commission from the client's security deposit or charge their credit card.
    g) Rooftop Bar Hire: The rooftop bar hire incurs an additional fee of $500 or a minimum spend of $1000 on top of the existing minimum spend. The fee includes the service of a friendly and experienced bartender for the first 3 hours, covering expenses such as wages, cleaning, and maintenance fees. Cocktails and premium drinks, such as Japanese whiskeys, will only be served at the main bar.
    h) Restricted Event Duration and Room Hire: Events without room hire are limited to a duration of 3 hours. After this period, a room hire fee of $750 per hour will be applicable for each designated area (Rooftop Indoor, Rooftop Outdoor, Beer Garden, Pool & Bar area).
    i) Drinks on Consumption Tabs: The client is responsible for paying for drinks on consumption tabs at the conclusion of the event. Any remaining credit on the tab is non-refundable.
    j) Tab Activation and Liability: On the event day, the client must present a valid ID and debit/credit card to activate their tab credit. By doing so, the client gives consent to the venue or its booking agent to charge their card if any overspending or damages occur to the venue due to their function. This ensures that the client takes responsibility for any additional expenses or damages incurred during the event, beyond the allocated tab credit. The venue will exercise caution and transparency in charging the card, providing an itemized receipt for any charges made


    a) Alternate Room Assignment: The venue reserves the right to assign an alternate room if the originally booked space becomes inappropriate or unavailable due to circumstances beyond the venue's control. Such circumstances may include legal capacity limitations, double bookings by third parties or booking companies, or any other reasons that require the venue to take necessary steps for the welfare of all parties involved.
    b) Reallocation of Event Space: In the event that the number of attendees decreases from the number advised at the time of final confirmation, it is at the discretion of venue management to reallocate the client's event to a more appropriate space. This ensures that the allocated space aligns with the revised attendance and maintains the desired atmosphere for the event.


    a) Equipment, Decorations, and Props: If the client requires any additional equipment, decorations, or props beyond those provided by the venue, they must confirm these requirements with the management at least two weeks before the function date. The venue reserves the right to approve or disallow any requested items, ensuring they meet safety standards and do not contain offensive or dangerous material. Any extra time needed for setting up or dismantling before or after the function may result in an additional charge of $60 per hour to the client.
    b) Removal of Additional Equipment and Decorations: It is the client's responsibility to ensure that any additional equipment, decorations, or props brought into the venue are removed at the completion of the function. Failure to do so may result in additional fees of $100/hr. Access to the function space will be granted to the client 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event to allow for setup.
    c) Lolly Tables and Outside Food/Drink: Lolly tables are permitted at the venue; however, no other outside food or drink is allowed. The venue offers a wide range of food and beverage options to cater to the client's needs.
    d) Client's Own Cake: The client is welcome to bring their own cake for special occasions. The venue can store the cake in the kitchen on the day of the event. Please note that there will be an additional cleaning fee of $3.5 per head applied to the client. Disposable dishes and forks can be provided by the venue upon request 


    a) Orderly Conduct: The client is required to conduct the function in an orderly manner, adhering to all venue policies, procedures, and legal responsibilities. This includes compliance with responsible service of alcohol guidelines, standards, and town planning permit clauses. All guests attending the event are expected to abide by these guidelines.
    b) Liquor Service and Entry Policy: In accordance with liquor licensing regulations, liquor will only be served in plastic cups at the venue. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry and service to any guests who do not comply with these guidelines. If any of the client's guests provide falsified information or if a function is booked under fraudulent pretenses, the venue reserves the right to cancel the function without notice and at the client's expense.
    c) The client will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests and will be included in any actions taken against guests who may cause disruptions or issues before, during, and after the function.


    a) Adherence to Entry Times and Capacity: Guests of the client will only be permitted entry to the venue during the agreed start and finish times of the function. Any additional guests beyond the confirmed number may only be admitted if the venue's licensed capacity allows. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry to any or all of the client's guests in accordance with responsible service of alcohol procedures.
    b) Dress Code: Guests are expected to follow a relaxed Smart Casual dress code. Flip-flops, bathers, soiled garments, and pajamas are not permitted. It is required that guests wear appropriate shoes and shirts at all times, failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the venue.
    c) Minors: Minors are welcome to attend the client's function only when accompanied by a legal guardian. However, minors must vacate the premises by 10 pm (infants are welcome to remain at the parent's own risk). Minors should never be left unattended during the event.
    d) ID and Entry Procedures: The venue strictly enforces a "No ID, No Entry" rule to ensure the safety of the venue and its staff. The venue reserves the right to scan identification, require compulsory QR check-ins, and photograph all attendees upon entry. Entry may be refused at the venue's discretion. The venue may also send promotional emails and texts to the client's guests to enhance its services and inform guests about offers and promotions.
    e) Noise Level and Departure: The client is responsible for ensuring that their guests maintain a minimum noise level while leaving the premises, in compliance with the venue's planning permit. The client is encouraged to arrange transportation for their guests in advance of departure
    f) Any misconduct, aggressive behavior, group chanting outside the venue, disturbance to neighbors, damage or removal of designated bins, or public urination within a 50-meter radius of the venue may result in a penalty of $500, applicable to the client or the guest responsible for such actions


    a) The Fair Use & RSA Rule: The packages offered by the venue are designed to provide convenient pricing for a comprehensive range of services, including food and drinks. The pricing is capped at the total amount paid for the function and cannot exceed that predetermined amount. The packages are carefully curated to ensure an ample supply of food and drinks for the agreed-upon duration of the event, while also complying with Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines and VGCCC Licensing Regulations.
    b) In adherence to these regulations, the venue reserves the right to cease serving alcohol if it becomes aware of any issues that may compromise the responsible service of alcohol or licensing compliance mentioned above. The venue prioritizes the well-being and safety of its guests and staff, and as such, it may take necessary actions to ensure a responsible and enjoyable atmosphere during the function.
    c) The final drink order for any package must be placed at least 30 minutes prior to the finishing hour of the function. This policy ensures that patrons have sufficient time to enjoy their last drink in a relaxed and timely manner before departing. Any orders placed after this 30-minute grace period will incur additional charges as they fall outside the package terms. 


    a) Cancellation of a function after the deposit has been paid can only be initiated by directly consulting with the venue's management. The cancellation request must be made by the individual who initially paid the deposit. It is important to note that if a cancellation is made within eight weeks of the scheduled function date, the deposit and any additional payments made will be forfeited. However, if a cancellation is made with over eight weeks' advanced notice, 50% of the deposit can be refunded.


    a) All client goods: All client goods will be removed from the venue immediately after the function. The venue does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of merchandise left at the venue before or after the function.
    b) Client's financial responsibility: The client is financially responsible for any damage, theft, breakage, assaults, or vandalism sustained to the function rooms, equipment, or venue premises by guests, invitees, or other persons attending the function. The client will cover the cost of any extra cleaning required to restore the premises to a satisfactory standard.
    c) CCTV footage and police involvement: If CCTV footage is downloaded or the police have been notified due to an incident, an administration fee of $300 will be charged. The venue reserves the right to press charges for theft or pursue legal action as deemed necessary. Additional administrative fees may apply.
    d) Legal charges and documentation preparation: The venue reserves the right to pursue criminal activities and damages through the court. Any administration costs associated with legal charges or preparing documentation will be billed to the client at a rate of $100 per hour, with a minimum administrative fee of $300. Legal fees of $500 per hour may apply if applicable. This includes activities such as requesting or downloading CCTV footage and further administrative costs related to communication with the booking agency or legal representatives.
    e) Consequential loss and jurisdiction: The client will be responsible for any consequential loss resulting from their event, subject to the jurisdiction of the laws and courts of Victoria.
    f) Damages from negative or offensive behavior: The venue takes constructive feedback seriously; however, any negative, offensive, defamatory comments, insults, racial discrimination, reviews, assaults, bullying, or threats made towards the venue, its staff, members, or managers before, during, or after the client's event, whether online or in-person, will be considered as damages. The client will be legally liable for all associated costs, including legal and administrative expenses.
    g) Payment of damages: The cost of damages or any consequential loss, including indirect losses resulting from willful or negligent acts on the premises, will be deducted from the security deposit or charged to the client's credit card if it exceeds the deposit amount.
    h) Outstanding balances and interest: Any outstanding balances will accrue interest at a rate of 10% per year, calculated on a daily basis, until the amount is settled as per the invoice.
    i) Liquidated damages: In the event of any reason or damages incurred that lead to the closure of the business during regular business hours, liquidated damages of $3000 per day, including administrative costs, will be charged to the client. 


    a) Exclusion or eviction of guests: The venue reserves the right to exclude or evict any or all of the client's guests from the function without any liability. In certain cases, additional security may be required, which will be determined by the venue management. The cost of additional security will be communicated to the client and must be paid prior to the event.
    b) Entertainment bookings: If the client plans to book any entertainment for the event, they must provide the venue with a written contract and invoices from a reputable company. This is necessary to ensure compliance with licensing regulations. The contract should outline the nature of the entertainment, timing, and any other relevant information to assist the venue in making appropriate arrangements.
    c) $240 will apply to hire a security guard for the first 30pp and an additional $240 if the number of guests exceeds 60pp. Additional charges of $80/hr will be charged if your function continues beyond 3 hrs. An entire venue hire will attract $480 for door persons and $480 for security, a total of $960. 
    d) Security guard charges: The following charges will apply for hiring security guards:
    - For functions with up to 30 guests, a fee of $240 will apply for the first security guard.
    - If the number of guests exceeds 60, an additional fee of $240 will apply for a second security guard.
    - If the function continues beyond 3 hours, an additional charge of $80 per hour will apply.
    - In the case of hiring the entire venue, a total of $960 will be charged, which includes $480 for door persons and $480 for security.
    e) Please note that the above security charges are subject to change and may vary based on the specific requirements of the event. The client will be informed of the final security charges prior to the event.


    a) Prohibition of illicit drugs and preloading: The use of illicit drugs and preloading of alcohol inside or outside the venue is strictly forbidden. It is against the venue's policies and regulations to engage in such activities.
    b) Definition of preloading: Preloading refers to consuming alcohol before attending our fully licensed venue. This practice is not permitted according to the venue's house rules. Preloading can lead to early-stage intoxication and create challenges for the venue in managing the event.
    c) Supply of liquor to intoxicated individuals: It is illegal for the venue to supply liquor to an intoxicated person. The venue is committed to complying with responsible service of alcohol guidelines and will not serve alcohol to individuals who are already intoxicated.
    d) Penalty for allowing drunk or disorderly persons: The venue faces a penalty exceeding $19,000 if it allows a drunk or disorderly person onto the premises. To ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons, the venue strictly enforces this policy.
    e) Penalty for refusing to leave licensed premises: If a drunk, violent, or quarrelsome person refuses to leave the licensed premises upon request, a penalty exceeding $8,000 applies. The venue takes this matter seriously and will take appropriate action to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.
    f) Right to refuse entry and ask individuals to leave: The venue reserves the right to refuse entry or refuse to serve alcohol to any or all of the client's guests. Additionally, if a person is intoxicated, drunk, disorderly, or engaged in misconduct, they will be asked to leave the premises.
    g) Liability for evicted or refused entry guests: In the event that patrons are evicted or refused entry due to intoxication, drunkenness, disorderly behavior, misconduct, or early departure, the client will be liable to cover a minimum of $129 per head in return for the free room hire during the function period.
    h) Sneaking outside drinks into the venue by the client or their guests, including any stolen ones within the premises, will trigger a $15 per standard drink plus a $375 a bottle penalty on the client and immediate removal of the guest/guests from the venue and cancellation of the client’s event. 
    i) The venue is fully licensed. No refunds will be made for such incidents, and additional charges of $500 per hour to be charged for the number of hours guests. 
    j) BYO and penalties for sneaking outside drinks: Bringing outside drinks into the venue or stealing drinks within the premises is strictly prohibited. Any such actions by the client or their guests will result in a penalty of $15 per standard drink, plus a $375 penalty per bottle for stolen drinks. The guest(s) responsible will be immediately removed from the venue, and the client's event may be canceled. No refunds will be issued, and the client will be responsible for additional charges of $500 per hour for the number of hours the guests were in attendance.
    k) Please be aware that the venue is fully licensed, and adherence to these policies is necessary to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests.


    The client is entitled to consumer rights and guarantees as outlined by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). These rights and guarantees protect the client's interests and ensure fair treatment in their dealings with the venue. The following provisions apply:

    a) Adherence to agreed contract terms: The venue is committed to honoring the terms and conditions specified in the contract. This includes promotional packages, free or paid room hires, food and drink prices, and the agreed-upon hours of the booking. The venue will fulfill its obligations as per the contract.
    b) Compliance with ACCC guidelines: The venue acknowledges and adheres to the guidelines set forth by the ACCC regarding consumer rights and guarantees. These guidelines ensure that the client is treated fairly and provided with the agreed-upon services and products.
    c) Transparency and clarity: The venue will strive to maintain transparency and clarity in its communication with the client. Any changes or modifications to the contract terms will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties in a clear and understandable manner.
    d) Resolution of disputes: In the event of any disputes or disagreements regarding consumer rights and guarantees, both the venue and the client will work together to find a fair and satisfactory resolution. The venue is committed to resolving any issues in accordance with the ACCC guidelines and applicable laws.
    e) By adhering to these consumer rights and guarantees, the venue aims to provide a positive and satisfactory experience for the client, ensuring their rights are protected throughout their engagement with the venue.


    The venue acknowledges that weather conditions can impact outdoor events. While the Beer Garden and Rooftop Outdoor Area are semi-weatherproof and equipped with umbrellas for coverage, there may be instances of inclement weather that necessitate adjustments to the event. The following provisions apply:

    a) Event relocation: In the event of bad weather, the venue reserves the right to move the client's event from the outdoor areas to the Ground floor area. This decision is made to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests.
    b) Accommodation efforts: The venue will make every effort to accommodate the client's guests indoors during inclement weather. However, during busy periods or high demand, it may not be possible to accommodate all guests inside. In such cases, alternative arrangements such as use of umberrellas will be discussed with the client.
    c) Postponement or cancellation: In extreme weather conditions that pose a risk to the safety of the guests or prevent the venue from operating effectively, the venue may need to postpone or cancel the client's event. This decision will be made in consideration of the well-being of all parties involved.
    d) The venue understands the importance of providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the client and their guests. While efforts will be made to mitigate the impact of bad weather, certain circumstances may require adjustments to the event plans. The venue will communicate with the client and work towards finding suitable solutions in the event of inclement weather.


    The venue acknowledges that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has introduced various government-imposed restrictions and guidelines that may impact the client's event. It is important for the client and their guests to adhere to both the venue's house rules and any additional rules set by the government to ensure the safe operation of the venue.

    a) Compliance with rules: The client and their guests are expected to comply with all applicable rules and regulations related to COVID-19. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining social distancing, practicing good hygiene, wearing masks when required, and following any capacity restrictions or gathering limits imposed by the government. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the venue asking the client's group to leave without a refund.
    b) Event cancellation and credits: In the event of a lockdown or government-mandated cancellation of the client's event due to COVID-19 or similar events, any funds collected by the venue can be converted into a credit. This credit will have a validity period of 12 months, allowing the client to reschedule their event within that timeframe. It is important to note that no refunds will be issued for event cancellations related to pandemic restrictions.
    c) The venue understands the challenges posed by the pandemic and is committed to working with the client to ensure a safe and enjoyable event within the confines of government regulations. By adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth by the venue and the authorities, the client and their guests contribute to maintaining a secure environment for everyone involved.


    We take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, protect, and dispose of your data. For detailed information about our privacy practices, we invite you to review our privacy policy by visiting the following link: https://linky.biz/privacy-policy

    We encourage you to read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we handle your data and ensure its confidentiality and security. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, you can reach out to us using the contact information provided in the privacy policy. 

    At our venue, we prioritize the privacy and security of your personal information and are dedicated to complying with applicable data protection laws and regulations.


Thanks for your co-operation in advance.